Air Con 

Air Conditioning is available on our Drive Now, Pay Later Scheme. 
Air conditioning is important not only for your comfort, but also your safety. In winter, your air conditioning is great for heating inside the vehicle and de-misting your windscreen. 
Your air conditioning system also filters out impurities, such as dust and pollen from your vehicle. Like a refrigerator, your air conditioning system works by using refrigerant gases. These are pushed around a circuit, continually cooling the inside of the vehicle and pushing heat outside. 
We offer 2 air con packages, a basic gas recharge or a gas recharge, de-bug bomb, leak check, and air pollen filter change. 
Did you know? Mould, Fungi and bacteria can build up in your cars air con system, which can cause smells. In some cases this build up can cause sickness and respiratory problems. The de-bug bomb kills 99% of germs, mould and bacteria, leaving you system and car clean and smelling great! 
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