Beware of engine clogging! Let the power of Hydrogen clean your engine! 

Finally the perfect solution to maintain your car's engine 
Why should you clean your engine? 
Don't wait any longer to rejuvenate your engine and ask a member of our team for a carbon cleaning 
Difficulty starting, loss of power and increased fuel consumption are mostly due to engine clogging. It's the combustion inside the engine that is responsible for the accumulation of soot deposits in the cylinders, the pistons, the DPF, the EGR valve, the turbo... 
When clogged, these parts quickly prevent the engine from operating normally. If the soot is not removed regularly, breakdowns will occur and the costs can quickly add up when replacing engine parts (you can expect to pay about £350 for an EGR valve and £2000 for a turbo). 
Hy-Carbon-S brings its exclusive and patented solution that has proven itself in the sector of industrial engines (locomotives, ships etc) to everyday drivers by injecting hydrogen into the air intake of your engine, the carbon cleaning is done delicately and thoroughly. 
Your engine returns to its original performance, breakdowns are avoided, and you can be confident about passing the emissions test. 
Eliminates carbon deposits (soot) 
Rejuvenates engine performance 
Reduces fuel consumption 
Eliminates black smoke 
Cleans fragile and expensive engine parts 
Helps secure a passing MOT test 
Increases your car's lifespan 
The environmentally friendly solution that saves you money! 

Take care of your engine 

Clean your car at least once a year with HY-CARBON | Almost 3/4 of all engine faults are the result of a clogged engine! 
30 minute clean 
£30 + VAT  
Recommended every 6 months 
60 minute clean 
£50 + VAT 
Recommended to clean the EGR valve 
90 minute clean 
£80 + VAT  
Recommended to clean the DPF 
120 minute clean 
£100 + VAT  
New anti-pollution regulations and lower speed limits increase the amount of carbon (soot) deposits in your engine. This means your dashboard warning lights are more likely to occur, and you are more likely to break down. 
Regenerated Engine 
Optimised Budget 
Decrease Pollution 
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