RAC Approved Garage. 

RAC Approved Garage. 

RAC Approved Garage in Cheshire 

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy garage in Knutsford, Middlewich or Northwich, then Ignition Auto's Ltd is the place for you. We are proud to be RAC approved, meaning that our garage meets the highest standards in terms of quality and customer service. We offer a wide range of services, from MOTs and repairs to car sales and part-exchanges, so whatever your needs, we can help. Contact Auto Ignitions Ltd today, to book your car in for a service or repair, or simply to find out more about what we do. 
The RAC has been operating since 1897 and is committed to providing you with a network of trusted garages. They have set up their own organisation that verifies whether or not each garage follows certain standards, so they can ensure customers only receive high-quality service at all times.. 
Ignition Auto Ltd and the RAC support a dual customer charter with full chartered trading standards approval. This supportive framework is transparent, it provides our clients clear detail on what can be expected before, during and after. As well as helping to protect against any uncertainty which will provide complete peace of mind for all involved parties. 

This ensures that when you need your vehicle services at Ignition Auto's Ltd we always adhere to these values: 

Honest transparent pricing with no hidden costs 
Exceptional customer service that puts you first 
Quality repairs guaranteed 
We're always here to assist our clients! 

Annual Vehicle Checkup Cheshire 

The whole point of getting an annual checkup from your mechanic is so they can find any issues before it's too late. But what if something goes wrong? The RAC knows that 62% (or nearly two thirds) of British drivers have had a vehicle fail its MOT recently! Most people don't even realise how much time they've spent driving with clear issues on their vehicles without knowing better. 
One of the UK's most recognisable and nationally respected brands, The RAC is an organisation that promotes safe driving through its Approved Garage scheme. This program allows selected garages (like ourselves) to use this elite brand association in their workshops. 
The good news? We've got this covered thanks to their helpful plan called “MOT Check & Repair Plan” which will help protect yourself against expensive repairs should anything happen during next year's testing. 
When it comes to vehicle servicing, many people don't think ahead. A lot of roadside breakdowns are caused by motorists who skip essential appointments and pay large sums upfront for their annual check-up or service plan. With the RAC Service Plan you can put this right in an easy monthly instalment! 
The RAC’s innovative fixed price scheme allows drivers to break down 2 years worth of car expenses into manageable chunks so as not miss any important interval - ensuring maximum life out of both vehicles while keeping cost low enough that even budget conscious consumers will be able to afford them too. 
Ignition Auto Ltd, Middlewhich are so confident that you'll be happy with our work, we proudly offer a RAC approved service. You can rest assured knowing your repairs will not only meet high standards but also be done affordably and to your schedule. 
Are you looking for a dependable garage in Knutsford, Middlewich or Northwich? Our services are to the highest standard including: MOT, Maintenance, Diagnostics, Air Conditioning and Engine Carbon Cleaning. 
We are Cheshire's leading RAC Approved Garage and have been providing Cheshire quality vehicle services to the local community for over ** years. We are proud to be RAC approved, meaning that our garage meets the highest standards in terms of quality and customer service. 
Contact us today to book your car in for a service or repair, or simply to find out more about what we do. 
Contact Us to find out more. 
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